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Book Your Next Event at the Centre at North Park!

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Looking for a banquet hall for your next event? Visit the Centre at North Park located at 10040 Addison Avenue! Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, graduation party, special birthday celebration, bridal shower, or family reunion, our staff at North Park will help you structure your event according to your budget and needs. To see pricing and packages, view our brochure!

Call 847-928-8478 today to see our banquet facility, reserve a date, or discuss our menu options.

Directions to North Park:

  • From North: Exit 294 south at Irving Park East. Go one block to Scott Street and turn right, continue on Scott to Addison Avenue. North Park is located at the corner of Addison and Scott Street.
  • From South: Exit 294 north at North Avenue/Lake Street. Go east on North and turn left on 25th Avenue (Rose Street). Continue to Addison and turn left, heading west to Scott Street. North Park is located at the corner of Addison Avenue and Scott Street.

Check Out Our Restructured Early Childhood Programs!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Curriculum
We have made many new and exciting changes to our programs. The programs are designed to prepare your child for first Playschool, Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment. Our curriculum's focus on but are not limited to, language, socialization, emotional development, fine motor skills, safety skills, creativity, music, singing and cognitive development. Each week a theme will focus on these areas.

Play-Based Education
A key purpose of our program is to provide education through developmentally appropriate play. Play is a child’s most important work. Through play, a child acquires cognitive, social, language, motor and cultural awareness skills in a non-threatening environment.

Our Staff
Our instructors are educated, experienced, and dedicated to the development of each child.

Lesson Plans
Lesson plans incorporate age-appropriate activities revolving around specific, monthly themes that encourage imagination and the child’s natural love for learning. Pre-reading and math skills are reinforced throughout the play-based curriculum. Social and emotional development is emphasized through hands-on experiences where children strengthen their skills by sharing with others and participating in a group environment.

Tot School, Ages 24-35 Months
This program will provide many opportunities for children to develop to their full potential. This is a great introduction to social interaction with other children. We will follow a yearly curriculum and students have an opportunity to explore different learning centers, such as dramatic play, reading, music, blocks and puzzles. Snack time and gym time are also included daily.

Playschool, Age 3
The Playschool program is guided by a philosophy of learning through play. Students are exposed letters, numbers, colors and shapes in a variety of ways. Each day, they have the opportunity to explore learning centers and also spend time in small groups with their teachers. Concepts are reinforced through interactive songs, story boards, group activities and gym time. Our primary vision is for children to develop a love of learning and a positive self-image while preparing them for the Preschool experience. Children must be toilet-trained. A birth certificate is required for registration. Snack time and gym time are included daily.

Preschool, Age 4
Our Preschool program prepares your child for kindergarten. A challenging and an engaging curriculum fosters the development of the whole child: cognitive, creative, social, emotional and physical. Play promotes the abilities that enable children to learn concepts through exploration of centers and teacher guided small groups. Our professional, experienced teachers value each child’s individuality and strive to give each child a positive feeling of self-worth in a warm, caring environment. Children must be toilet-trained. A birth certificate is required for registration. Snack time and gym time are included daily.

Kindergarten Enrichment, Ages 5-6
Our Kindergarten Enrichment program provides a quality enrichment experience for kindergarten-age children attending half-day kindergarten programs. This unique and multifaceted program is designed to spark children’s interest in a variety of activities, including art, music, theater, movement, science and child-led play. Children spend time outdoors at North Park taking nature hikes and playing games. The program follows the District 84 school-year calendar of full days off. We offer Early Start and Transportation options.

To register, your child must be appropriate age by September 1, 2015.

Our programs take local field trips to the Public Library, Police Station, Ice Arena and Fire Department.

For more information, call us at 847-455-2852. 

Ice Arena Begins Phase II of Renovation

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Ice Arena began the second phase of our renovation on April 27 after a very busy abbreviated season. We ended with the Spring Fever Competition followed by the Spring Ice Show as the grand finale. This project demonstrates the Park District of Franklin Park and Board of Commissioners commitment to another forty years of ice sports for our residents and skating community. 

Even though the Ice Arena will be closed for over four months, this project will move quickly. Within the first week the ice has been removed and our twenty-four year old dasher boards were dismantled. Next the concrete slab will be cut into pieces followed by the disassembling of the refrigeration equipment. In addition to tons of photos, time laps cameras have been placed throughout the facility to record video of the entire process. To keep our customers informed we’ll be posting weekly photos and updates on our website. We look forward to the exciting future of many more years of excellent ice and programs at the Franklin Park Ice Arena!

Visit here or for more information.
Polar Express is Currently Sold Out

Monday, November 03, 2014

Due to the tremendous interest in our Polar Express events on December 6, 13 and 20 is currently sold out! Thank you for your support and interest in this wonderful event. If you were unable to register for next year, we recommend that you register early when the Fall brochure comes out in August. Due to the popularity of this event, it typically fills up by October. To secure your spot, please register as early as possible.

New Lightning Detection System Installed at the Park District

Monday, June 02, 2014

A Lightning Detection System provides early-warning of lightning through Birch Park, North Park, Community Center and Pool on Pacific. The Strike Guard Early Warning System detects and tracks lightning strikes and provides warning when lightning strikes within a 10 mile radius.

When lightning strikes have been detected (no false alarms) within the warning area, the systems in that zone will provide warning. One long (15-second) siren will sound, and a strobe will flash on the unit. After the Strike Guard System determines conditions are safe, (30 minutes of no lightning) the siren will sound three five-second intermittent blasts and the strobe will go off, providing notice that it is safe to resume activity in this area.
Active locations include:
Birch Park, North Park, Community Center and Pool on Pacific.
Familiarize yourself with the warning unit in this park. Each location has signs such as the following explaining the Lightning Procedures. On the Park District of Franklin Park website, familiarize yourself with the sounds of the sirens so you can practice the proper safety procedures. Sirens and strobes will not go off when the parks are closed for the evenings or during none usage winter months.
Be vigilant in monitoring threatening weather and always err on the side of caution. Seek shelter immediately in the event of the following:
  • You hear one long siren.
  • You hear thunder (regardless of siren). 
  • You see lightning (regardless of siren).
  • You see the strobe light on when arriving at the park.
No place outdoors is safe when a thunderstorm is near! The best shelter from lightning is to be inside a substantial building.
  • Avoid car ports, porches, garages, sheds, tents, baseball dugouts, or under bleachers.
  • If no substantial shelter is available, then seek refuge in a hard topped vehicle, with the windows up.
  • Stay away from trees, electrical poles, or other tall objects.
  • DO NOT LIE FLAT ON THE GROUND! Crouch down on the balls of your feet to create the lowest profile

Familiarize yourself with the Lightning Alert sound.

For questions, concerns, suggestions, comments regarding these Lightning Detection Systems contact Nathan Wick, Superintendent of Parks, at 847-455-2852,
Park District Awarded PowerPlay Grant

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dan LoCascio, Program and Facility manager applied for the PowerPlay Grant, a program of the Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD). Funding and materials for this program are provided through the sale and subsequent renewals of the Park District Youth License Plate and through Friends of Illinois Parks. The Park District of Franklin Park has been chosen to receive a $500 PowerPlay! Beyond School Grant. 35 other Park Districts were selected to recieve this grant.

This grant involves implementing a model program that focuses on health, nutrition and fitness for children ages Kindergarten-5th grade and 6th grade-12th grade. Each grant recipient must incorporate the core elements of the model program into their curriculum. Topics and materials in the model program were created to maximize the learning potential of participants in the program. Agencies will receive seed money to conduct a new model beyond school program or to enhance an existing one. This grant will enhance our current After-School Program and will allow more activies to be planned. There is much to look forward to at the Park District!

Strike Guard Lightning Detection System

Friday, April 11, 2014

Park District Commissioners approved the purchase of a lightning detection system for four pPark dDistrict locations at the March 25 Board Mmeeting. The Strike Guard equipment is designed to detect lightning and warn park and facility users to seek safe shelter.  The system will be based at the Community Center and have detection capacity at the Pool on Pacific, Birch Park and North Park.  The system sounds a siren and strobe light warning flashes when lightning is detected. It also sounds an “all clear” signal when lightning danger is over.
In addition to the system, the Park District is posting warning and informational signs at parks. There is more information at and we also encourage residents, participants, sports affiliate coaches, and staff members to download weather/lightning apps on their smart phones. These applications provide National Weather Service real-time information about storms and potential lightning. In the case of power outages, old fashioned awareness and detection methods, including the sound of thunder and lightning sightings, are also important tools. In our lightning safety training and communication we will stress the importance of using all available methods for lightning protection.
The system is scheduled for installation by May 19, 2014. For more information please see the online and phone app resources below.
Lightning Safety
More information on NOAA Weather Radio can be found at:
Lightning Phone Apps
  • Lightning Finder                     
  • Weather Bug                           
  • Accuweather
  • NOAA Now                            
  • NOAA Radar US

Park District Awarded Safety Accreditation

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When your family visits a Park District facility or playground, it is important for your family to know that safety is a number one priority. Every facility and playground undergoes safety inspections daily. This past year the Park District for the first time received accreditation through our risk management pool, PDRMA. Not only was this our highest score achieved we also were awarded the overall goal of accreditation. This shows that safety is a priority and a mindset at the Park District. We are looking to maintain and research new ways to provide the highest safety standards.
If you notice something of concern, please contact us at 847-455-2852.

50 Years With You! - Celebrating the Park District's 50th Anniversary

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Residents,
     On behalf of my fellow Commissioners and the Park District staff, I invite you to join us in a year-long 50th Anniversary celebration as we look back at “50 Years With You!” Since the Village of Franklin Park was incorporated in 1892, it took another 72 years before the Franklin Park Women’s Club and the local Kiwanis Club asked residents to vote for a referendum to form the “Franklin Park Park District.” At that time, besides school property and some vacant lots, there were no parks in town and few places for children to play.
    The vision of what could be in Franklin Park was led by the “Franklin Park Cooperative Recreation Association,” an independent volunteer group that inspired residents to meet with their neighbors and go door-to-door to share their excitement for potential Park District parks, facilities and programs. The four-year effort for the July 11, 1964 referendum resulted in 980 residents voting “yes” as well as the election of the first five Commissioners from a group of thirteen candidates. The park district was officially incorporated July 17, 1964.  
     The new Park District quickly purchased remaining land for parks. North, Elder, Hawthorne, Ruby/Addison, and Timber Parks were built between 1966 and 1968. The Pool on Pacific, North Park Gymnasium and Service Center were acquired and built in 1969 along with Willow, Chestnut, and Robinson Crusoe (Championship) Parks. The Community Center was built in 1970 and the Ice Arena in 1974 and in the same four years, Chestnut, Lincoln, and Iceland Parks were developed. Since those early years, from 1988 to 2003, land was purchased for eight additional parks, now totaling 24.3 acres of park property for families to enjoy.
     With the purchase of the last four parks, the Commissioners have been dedicated to providing parks within walking distance of every home. Since 2000, thirteen parks were renovated and during the coming Anniversary Year, we will have Grand Openings for Elder, Lincoln, and Chestnut Parks. Elder and Lincoln Parks were just completed in October, and Chestnut Park is under construction as part of a major renovation supported in part through an Illinois Department of Natural Resources Grant.
      This insert attached is your guide to the 50th Anniversary activities. As we introduce regular 2014 events, each will also feature part of your parks and recreation history. We look forward to celebrating this exciting birthday year with you and encourage you and your family to discover and enjoy your parks, facilities,
and programs!
                  Susan E. O’Connell
                  President, Board of Commissioners


Elder Park & Lincoln Park - Now Open!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Looking for something fun on this cool, crisp fall day? Come to Elder Park and Lincoln Park to play!

Elder Park, (2932 Elder Lane) and Linclon Park, (3000 Lincoln Street) are now open and in the Spring, the Park District will hold an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Enjoy the parks and let us know what you think!


Elder Park                                                                Lincoln Park


Elder, Lincoln and Chestnut Park Construction

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Construction is near completion for Elder and Lincoln Park and will be reopening soon. Chestnut Park's construction began, but won't be completed until Spring 2014. Official park openings for Elder, Lincoln and Chestnut Parks will be taking place sometime in Spring of 2014.

Visit our website and Facebook page for details on park openings.


Rain Barrels are Available for Purchase!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain barrels are used to recycle rainwater from your home's roof. They attach to your gutter's downspout, enabling you to catch rainwater and store it to water plants and gardens as needed. Rainwater is better for plants than municipal water because it's free of chlorine and other chemicals. Recycled rainwater can help you to have the best roses, fruit trees or tomatoes possible!
Rain Barrel Benefits:
  • Decrease your water bill
  • Promote gardening
  • Decrease use of treated water for outdoor uses
  • Decrease energy consumption normally required to treat and pump water and waste-water
  • Decrease storm water runoff, since water seeps into the groundwater when used to water gardens and lawns
  • Decrease flow to municipal waste-water treatment centers
In cooperation with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, the Park District has made rain barrels available for Franklin Park residents to purchase! Barrels stand about 3 feet high and are either black or blue, but can be painted. To reserve your barrel, fill out a Request Form and submit it with payment ($77 each) to the Community Center, 9560 Franklin Avenue. For more information, call 847-455-2852.
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