Bee Hive Winterization

If you read our Fall Recreations Newsletter, then you know we have some pollinator friends over at North Park. As the temperature dropped, our rooftop bee hives were prepared for winter. We are fortunate that the Hive Supply assisted and taught us some valuable information during the process.

The first step to winterizing the hives was adding a top layer of wood chip boxes. During the winter, the hives cluster together inside to keep warm. This warmth then creates moisture which the wood chip box absorbs. Next a “bee cozy” is added, which is like a jacket that goes over the hives. The cozy crests at the bottom to make an opening for the bees. On a warmer day, bees may leave the hives for a cleansing flight to relieve themselves. The “bee cozies” are removed once the springtime comes around. When the temperature reaches between 40-50 degrees, there is pollen for the bees to leave the hive and find.

To learn more about bee hive winterization, view the video below of Beekeeper Matt working on our hives!

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