Community Center Phase 4 Updates

June 26, 2020

Community Center

The Community Center is open to the Public on July 1. Anyone entering the facility must wear a face covering. 

Fitness Center – The Fitness Center is open for use beginning July 6. A maximum of four members will be allowed into the Fitness Center at a time. Users are only allowed to use the fitness center by reserving hour increments with staggered start times. Reservations will be made calling the front desk (847) 455-2852. Members come dressed and ready to begin workout. Equipment should not be shared between members at the same time except for users in the same household. Every other piece of cardio equipment will be taken out of service to allow 6 feet of separation between users. Users will be required to use masks in public areas, not while exercising. 

Open Play – Open Play will resume at normal times with a maximum of 18 people in the gymnasium. Shooting and drills are permitted but games will not be allowed. A maximum of 3 people are allowed to shoot at one net. Face coverings are not needed while exercising but must be put on when not playing or in common areas (bathroom, hallway)

Gym Rentals – Rentals will be allowed the week of July 6. A maximum of 20 people will be allowed in the gymnasium. Only users are allowed in the gym. Spectators and family members are not allowed. Shooting and drills are permitted but games will not be allowed.

Room Rentals – Room rentals will also begin the week of July 6. We are limiting users to 25% of room occupancy (Pine Room, 12 people, Maple Elm Room, 25 people). Social distancing of six feet must be observed while sitting except for users in the same household.

Recreation Programs

A variety of Youth Athletic and Dance Programs will be offered beginning July 13. For more information visit our website and Facebook page.

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