Do you Feel the Need for Speed?


The Franklin Park Ice Arena is home to the Franklin Park Speed Skating Club.  Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating where competitors race each other on the track.  It is one of the events that will be featured in the upcoming 2018 Olympic Games for both long track and short track skating.

At Franklin Park, some of our skaters range from novice skaters, recreational skaters to those that compete on a national level. Many of them are also involved in other types of skating.  Some are figure skaters, synchronized skaters, hockey skaters and others that skate just for fun. All these skaters have one thing in common, they love the thrill of speed, the rapid heartbeat as they wait for the start of a race, the excitement of passing their opponent and the sense of accomplishment as they cross the finish line.

We have three experienced coaches, Coach Steve Penland and Assistant Coaches Ken Anderson and Jacky Kleist.  They share their passion for the sport with our skaters and it’s contagious.  Some of the notable speed skaters that have skated at our club are Emery Lehman who represented the United States at the 2014 Winter Olympics and Brandon Molenda, a United States Junior World Champion.

Whether you are a serious skater looking to compete, a skater looking to sharpen your skills or just looking for a fun way to tone your muscles and increase your cardio, the Franklin Park Speed Skating club is for you. Come check us out, we will be skating every Tuesday night at the Franklin Park Ice Arena.

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Facebook: Franklin Park Speed Skating Club

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