Heart-Healthy Tip #1

The first heart-healthy tip of the month is to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. According to Heart and Vascular Health, it is recommended that you do 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week. This will allow you to burn fat, lower cholesterol, or keep it low if it is normal already and lower blood pressure. All of these aspects are ways to maintain a healthy heart. 

Looking for ways to incorporate exercises into your daily routine? Check out our affordable and newly renovated fitness center. Membership prices are shown below. If you enjoy walking, take a stroll down the North Park path!

Membership Rates

A current Fitness Center pass is required for use of the Fitness Center. Passes are available at the Community Center. Membership is open to those ages 14 and older. Anyone who is 14 years old need to pass an equipment training and have a parent sign a waiver. 

Membership TypeResidentNon-resident
Annual (includes Open Gym)$100$120
Junior (ages 14-17)$75$95
Seniors annual (62 and older)$75$90
Six Month$60$72
Three Month$40$48
One Month$25$30
Daily Pass$5$6
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