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Local Scout Builds Little Libraries

We are happy to announce that the Park District has installed three Little Libraries to the community. Joshua, a local Eagle Scout, assisted in building them for the Park District of Franklin Park.

A Little Library allows individuals to contribute books they’ve enjoyed or no longer need, and others can take those books to read. It operates on the honor system, encouraging people to give and take books freely. The concept is based on promoting literacy, fostering a love for reading, and building a sense of community connection.

Whose Library is this? It belongs to everybody—neighbors, friends, and people we don’t even know yet. Anyone can use it. That’s why we want to take care of it.

Take a book. If you see something you’d like to read, take it. You don’t have to give a book at the same time as you take one.

Share a book. After you’ve read it, share it in any Little Free Library book-sharing box, bring it back here, or pass it on to a friend. Be a friend of all libraries, big and small. Share books whenever you can.

Want to visit a Little Library? Check out their locations below:

Community Center, 9560 Franklin Ave

Franklin Park Ice Arena, 9711 Waveland Ave

Centre at North Park, 10040 Addison Ave

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