No Mow Till Mother’s Day

You may notice signs in certain areas throughout the Park District of Franklin Park. These signs are part of the No Mow Till Mother’s Day initiative. Participation in No Mow Till Mother’s Day consists of not cutting lawns or certain parts of it until Mother’s Day. By not cutting grass for the first few weeks of spring, you can help create a favorable environment for pollinators like butterflies and bees. The Park District will refrain from cutting certain areas to boost pollinators’ recovery.

As the Park District increases its pollinator protection efforts through Project Aurelius, we invite you to join us. Pollinators are essential to our ecosystem with many species relying on them. Here are some other ways you can help pollinators’ habitat health in your yard.

  • Avoid using pesticides
  • Plant a wide variety of flowering plants that bloom at different time during the year
  • Leave certain areas undisturbed so flowers that pollinators rely on can grow
  • Plant trees, herbs, flowering fruits and vegetables
  • Cut dandelions that go to seed because they no longer benefit pollinators

This initiative is about bringing awareness to pollinators and our shared ecosystem. We appreciate any resident participation in this initiative by following some of these efforts. If you have any questions, please contact us at (847) 455-2852.

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