Park District of Franklin Park Receives Platinum International Aquatics Safety Award

The Park District of Franklin Park has been awarded the prestigious Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award. Earning this award demonstrates that the aquatic facilities operated consistently exceed industry standards in risk management and epitomize aquatic safety excellence. International Aquatic Safety Awards are conferred to deserving aquatic facilities by Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. – International Aquatic Safety and Risk Management Consultants. 

“It is apparent that the entire staff embodies the idea of setting the standard in aquatic safety and swimmers who frequent this aquatic facility are afforded the highest degree of swimmer protection currently available for the aquatic industry,” said Richard A. Carroll, Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc. Senior Vice President and COO. 

E&A’s International Aquatic Safety Awards are presented annually to participants in the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP™). Awards are based on outcomes of multiple random unannounced aquatic facility operational safety audits throughout the year. These audits are conducted by E&A’s International Staff Auditors who gather undercover video surveillance of individual on duty lifeguards, in order to accurately evaluate the lifeguards’ professional diligence and alertness to their water. Individual and team basic life support and rescue skills are evaluated, along with simulated emergencies that measure the effectiveness of established Emergency Action Plans. 

The audit concludes with administrative, supervisory and facility evaluations. All E&A client facilities are top performers and represent the finest and safest aquatic facilities in the world. As such, it is of particular note when E&A facilities perform so well that they are granted an International Aquatic Safety Award. 

International Safety Awards are presented only to E&A’s most elite clients. Presented in three levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum – only the top 14% of E&A clients in the world receive a Platinum International Aquatic Safety Award each year!

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