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Park District Participating in One-Book-One-Leyden Initiative

Director of Parks & Recreation and Leyden alum Joseph D. Modrich

The Park District of Franklin Park is excited to participate in a community literacy initiative presented by Leyden High Schools. The high schools have ran One-Book-One-Leyden for the last six years. It’s a program where faculty, staff and students read the same book to form connections through literacy.

This is the first year Leyden is including the community with the goal to expand the program outside of the high schools. This year’s book is The Light in Hidden Places by Sharon Cameron and it based on a true story. The story is set during World War II where a teenage girl in Poland hides thirteen Jewish people in her attic to prevent them from going to concentration camps.

Five copies were given to community places that people frequently visit. Park District Staff members will be reading the book and then passing it on to others in involved in the district. The purpose of this program is to build community connections around literacy.

Anyone in the community can participate and the Park District will have copies available at the Community Center. On February 24, the author will be visiting Leyden High Schools and hosting a community discussion.

If you choose to participate, we encourage you to spread the word and tweet about it using #1BK1LN. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Gina Caneva at East Leyden High School.

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