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Pathogen Destroying Technology You Can See

Next time you’re at one of the Park District of Franklin Park’s facilities, see if you notice some new technology in action. New fans were recently installed at the Community Center, Ice Arena and Centre at North Park. These fans from BAF are proven technologies to destroy pathogens.

The new industrial fans from BAF have proprietary bipolar ionizers that create massive amounts of ions. Ions are naturally occurring electronic particles that attach and destroy pathogens. Ions have a lifetime of about 30 seconds, which means they need to be distributed quickly to attack pathogens. These fans quickly deploy ions without producing harmful ozone.

The smaller commercial fans from BAF have UV-C technology with an integrated light to show it’s working. When the light is illuminated, that signifies that pathogens are being destroyed. These fans circulate through the upper room and produce more dilution airflow than typical commercial HVAC systems.

These installations are part of the Park District of Franklin Park’s commitment to its residents and participants. The Park District always strives to find the best practices for ensuring safe and healthy recreation.

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