Senior Skater Showcase

Our Senior Skater Showcase is here! Read below to learn about Eliana Perez, a Franklin Park Ice Arena participant for over 12 years. Eliana Perez, a resident of Chicago, has been skating since she was 6 years old! She is graduating from Taft High School and plans to attend Michigan State University to study nursing in the fall. During her time at the Franklin Park Ice Arena, she said the rink has been her second home. She joined Starr Blades at the age of 8 and was with the team for 5 years. She has loved skating so much she is now teaching the new generation of skaters and hopes to continue doing so in her spare time. She has made so many good friends at the rink and has had great mentors that have guided her through her journey. She says that she is grateful for all the coaching staff at the Franklin Park Ice Arena, especially Coach Anne, who is like her second mom, Coach Joey and Coach Nico.

Congratulations Eliana!

Our next senior is Magdalena Wita! Magdalena started skating at the age of 3 and has been skating at the Franklin Park Ice Arena for 15 years. She attends Ridgewood High School and will be attending Miami University to study Math and Secondary Education. Growing up at the rink has shaped Magdalena into the person she is today. From skating to eventually coaching, the Franklin Park Ice Arena has taught her many skills and assets. She has made lifelong friends that have become a support system for her. It was said that “If Maggie is not at school or at home, you can most definitely find her at the Franklin Park Ice Arena, her second home.” She would like to thank the Franklin Park Ice Arena and a special thank you to Anne Raucci.

Congratulations Magdalena!

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