Transition to Max Galaxy Registration Software a Success

The Park District implemented the MaxGalaxy registration software in March 2017. MaxGalaxy was the chosen software/database selected by the Park District to replace CLASS, the registration software the Park District utilized since 2002. The transition to MaxGalaxy took place because CLASS will no longer be supported. This fact left the Park District with no other option than selecting a new registration software.

I think it’s safe to say that both Patrons and Staff became very well accustomed to and comfortable with the functionality and utilization of CLASS. It was in existence for roughly fifteen years and there was a level of comfort undeniable to those individuals with years of experience using the software. With that said, the transition to MaxGalaxy was received with some level of hesitation by both Patrons and Staff having been long existing CLASS users.

I am pleased with the overall reception to MaxGalaxy since its implementation. There were bumps and hiccups along the way, as well as a significant learning curve forced upon Patrons and Staff. One of the main differences include the Point of Sale module now available in MaxGalaxy that was not offered through CLASS. This module makes it possible to unify transactions across all Park District facilities for programs, leagues, reservation, membership, food resale and all other cash receipting means.

I encourage you to create an account for yourself and/or family online and start taking advantage of online registration through MaxGalaxy, if you have not already done so. Please use this link to visit our home page. nstructions are laid out on the home page to assist you in creating an account. Such access allows customers the ability to access activity, facility, membership information, account history, and updating account information online, 24/7. Your thoughts on the new software are encouraged and welcomed.

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