Pool on Pacific Aquatics Programs

Swim Program Guidelines

(Ages 5+)

Is your child eager to swim and learn various strokes, diving and safety skills? Our swim lessons include six skill levels from beginners to advanced. All levels, games and activities are age-appropriate. Swimmers are tested and placed in the level that best fits their age and swimming ability. Instructors at the Pool on Pacific help our students feel at ease while learning to swim in a safe and fun environment!

Level 1 (Guppies) – Students learn basic water skills such as floating, essential swimming techniques and proper arm and leg movement. Simple safety skills are also introduced.

Level 2 (Sea Horses) – Students build on skills learned in the previous level, while becoming more comfortable swimming without the support of an instructor or a flotation device. Water safety rules are practiced.

Level 3 (Jellyfish) – This level focuses on the introduction of new stroke techniques and students practice increasing their swimming distance.

Level 4 (Turtles) – Students further build their endurance while improving their ability to swim various strokes. Diving, treading water and more advanced safety skills are covered.

Level 5 (Otters) –Students increase their ability to swim long distances while improving their performance. Swimmers continue developing their diving skills.

Level 6 (Dolphins) – These swimmers practice advanced drills, swimming refinement and skills for fitness swimming. Essential water safety and survival skills are also practiced.

Swim Apparel:

Children are required to wear swimsuits. Cut-offs, body suits or street clothes are not allowed. Children must provide their own clean dry towels. Swim caps are optional but a rubber band is suggested if hair length is past the shoulder. Swim caps are recommended for swimmers with potential ear problems. (For example:  If your child suffers ear infections easily, earplugs and swim caps are recommended and should be in place before the beginning of class.)

Note:  If your child has tubes in their ears, they should swim only upon your physicians’ approval.

Attendance and Conduct:

Attendance is vital to the success of your child’s learning experience, and progression through the program. Skill development and safety skills are covered in each class, therefore, make-ups are not allowed for missed classes. The Swim Program Manager has the right to dismiss a child from participation if he/she exhibits an unwillingness to learn or disregards a lifeguard’s safety direction. If a child is unwilling to participate in the lessons, we offer Parent-Tot classes as an alternative.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

Some swimmers may be anxious about their new experience. You are their biggest fans and best encouragers. To build the relationship between your child and their swim instructor, the Park District does not allow parents on deck during youth lessons. Parents may wait in the concession area or outside of the pool fence during class.

If you have questions or concerns, please your child’s instructor in private following the class.

  • We will maintain 5 to 7 children to 1 instructor ratio on all lessons.
  • Additionally, to save time, you may opt to have your child wear their suit to the pool, and bring clothes to change into following class. Please, no bare feet entering the building.
  • Please arrive at least five minutes before the start of class, guide them through the locker room and onto the deck area.
  • When the swim lesson ends, we ask that parents and children re-enter the facility for public open swim.

Little Dippers

AGE: 6 Months-2 Years

This class is a wonderful opportunity for you and your little one to be introduced to safety and enjoyment in and around the water. With parents and children together in the water, children quickly develop a sense of security, adventure and trust. Parents are required to be in the water. The last fifteen minutes of class is reserved for open swim time between the two.

Day Date Time Fee Code
Sa Jun 4-25* 11:15-11:50 am $30/$35 5698
Sa Jul 9-30** 11:15-11:50 am $30/$35 5699

* Makeup date Jul 6, ** Makeup date Aug 6

Little Shrimp

AGE: 2-3 Years

This program introduces games and other techniques that parents can use to help young children develop early water adjustment skills. Instructors emphasize fun and safety while parents interact with their children. Specific cues, holding positions and stroke readiness are demonstrated making this program a good head start toward swim lessons on their own. Parents are required to be in the water. The last five minutes of class is reserved for open swim time for both.

Day Date Time Fee Code
Sa Jun 4-25* 11:15-11:50 am $30/$35 5700
Sa Jul 9-30** 11:15-11:50 am $30/$35 5701

* Makeup date Jul 6, ** Makeup date Aug 6

Bubbles and Babies

AGE: 6-24 Months

Help your babies develop a sense of security, adventure and trust in the water before the pool opens to the public. Splash around and play in the zero depth area.

Day Date Time Fee
M-Sa May 30-Aug 13 11-11:45 am $5 or free with a pool pass

Preschool Swim Lessons

AGE: 3-4

Preschool Swim Lessons are specifically designated to teach young children water safety and basic swimming skills in a fun and friendly environment. Our instructors pride themselves in teaching your child life-skills that can make a difference, and we stress the critical role that water safety does and will play in their lives. It is important that all pre-school parents remain at the pool during your child’s lesson time to assist with their personal needs.

Session I:

Day Date Time Fee Code
M/W Jun 6-29 11:15-11:50 am $50/$60 5642
Sa Jun 4-25* 11:15-11:50 am $25/$30 5706

*Makeup date Jul 2

Note: M/W makeups are on Fridays.

Session II:

Day Date Time Fee Code
M/W Jul 11-Aug 3 11:15-11:50 am $50/$60 5643
Sa Jul 9-30* 11:15-11:50 am $25/$30 5707

*Makeup date Aug 6

Note: M/W makeups are on Fridays.

Day Camp Swim Lessons

Discovery Day Camp offers discounted swim lessons to 5-Day Campers. Children are escorted to and from the pool for lessons by Camp Staff. Swimmers of all abilities perfect their skills in a comfortable, safe environment. Get the most out of your Day Camp experience with this opportunity!

Note: Due to scheduling, only 5-Day Campers attending on Tu/Th may register.

Day Date Time Fee Code
Tu/Th May 31-Jun 16 11-11:45 am $35/$40 5639
Tu/Th Jun 21-Jul 7 11-11:45 am $35/$40 5640
Tu/Th Jul 12-28 11-11:45 am $35/$40 5641

*Makeup dates are Fridays

Youth Swim Lessons

AGE: 5 Years & Up

We accommodate all levels of summers as students are placed in small groups based on age and ability. Age appropriate games and activities help our students learn at a fast rate. Our qualified instructors do their best to make your swimmer feel comfortable and safe in the water.

Morning Sessions:

Day Date Time Fee Code
M-Th Jun 6-16 9:45-10:30 am $50/$60 5492
M-Th Jun 20-30 9:45-10:30 am $50/$60 5493
M-Th Jul 11-21 9:45-10:30 am $50/$60 5494
M-Th Jul 25-Aug 4 9:45-10:30 am $50/$60 5495

Evening Sessions:

Day Date Time Fee Code
M-Th Jun 6-16 6-6:45 pm $50/$60 5499
M-Th Jun 20-30 6-6:45 pm $50/$60 5498
M-Th Jul 11-21 6-6:45 pm $50/$60 5497
M-Th Jul 25-Aug 4 6-6:45 pm $50/$60 5496

Note: Fridays are reserved for make up lessons due to inclement weather

Private Swim Lessons

AGE: 3 Years & Older

Lessons are taught during open swim hours convenient to the student and instructor. Dates and times with the instructor are flexible and determined once the pool season begins. Lessons consist of three hour private lessons, which are recommended to take in 6 half hour increments. Please stop by and fill out a request form along with the registration form at the Community Center. Payment is due before the lessons begin.

Private Lesson: $100/$125 (Code: 5694)
Semi Private Lesson (2 Students): $150/$175 (Code: 5981)

Junior Lifeguard Program

AGE: 11-15 Years

Get a head start on your first job – lifeguarding! This course gives students basic knowledge in rescue techniques, pool procedures and certification in First Aid and CPR. Students also receive hands-on experience when they shadow a real lifeguard. At the end of the program, Junior Lifeguards participate in the Illinois Park and Recreation Association Lifeguard Games. Note: Please give shirt size at registration.

*Lifeguard Games date and location TBD

Day Date Time Fee Code
Tu-Th Jun 21-Jul 14 10 am-12 pm $95/$100 5500

Adult Open Swim

AGE: 16 Years & Older

This is a good opportunity for adults to swim laps for fitness and exercise before the pool is open to the public. For your convenience, we offer two options to take advantage of this open fitness opportunity at the pool: purchase a pool pass or pay as you go.

Day Date Time Fee
M-Sa May 30-Aug 13 10:30 am-12 pm $5 or free with Pool Pass

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