Youth Athletics

Masks are required for indoor sports per IDPH’s All Sports Policy.

Participant Health Screen

Micro Soccer

AGE: 3-5 Years

Bring your 3, 4 and 5 year olds out and introduce them to the beautiful game of soccer.  Participants are taught basic skills like ball control, passing and shooting. We emphasize learning techniques and building an early appreciation for the sport. Each player receives a ball at the end of the session.

Session I:

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
M Sep 13-Nov 1 5:30-6:15 pm $45/$55

Location: North Park (Community Center in case of inclement weather)  

Session II:

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
M Nov 8-Dec 13 6-6:45 pm $35/$45

Location: Community Center

Micro Football

AGE: 3-5 Years

Is your micro-player ready for some football? This program is a hit with everyone! We introduce your player to the basics of football during this eight-week class. Our goal is to have fun, while slowly progressing children towards understanding the game. Participants receive a football.

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
W Sep 8-Oct 20 5:30-6:15 pm $40/$50

Location: North Park (Community Center in case of inclement weather)  

Micro Hockey

AGE: 3-5 Years

Young hockey players, get ready! Our experienced staff teach participants the fundamentals of floor hockey while having plenty of fun. This program is a great precursor to our Instructional Floor Hockey program. We supply all the equipment.

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
W Sep 8-Oct 20 6:30-7:15 pm $40/$50

Location: Community Center

Micro Basketball

AGE: 3-5 Years

Young basketball players lace up your shoes because it’s time to get buckets! With our lowered hoops and smaller basketballs, your child learns the fundamentals of basketball and receives social interaction. Each player receives a mini basketball and certificate.

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
W Oct 27-Dec 15* 6-6:45 pm $40/$50

*No class Nov 24

Location: Community Center

Youth Basketball 

AGES: 6-14

Participants learn to shoot,, pass, dribble and defend through age appropriate drills and competitions. Players have fun meeting new friends and learning new skills. We have split the class into three levels. Level 1 is recommended for beginners, Level 2 for limited experience and Level 3 for experienced. 

Level 1:

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
Th Oct 21-Dec 16* 5:30-6:15 pm $40/$50

Level 2:

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
Th Oct 21-Dec 16* 6:20-7:05 pm $40/$50

Level 3:

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
Th Oct 21-Dec 16* 7:10-7:55 pm $40/$50

*No class Nov 25

Location: Community Center

Youth Volleyball  

AGE: Grades 3-8

Our energetic staff teaches your child the skills necessary to improve their game. Participants learn the mechanics of bumping, setting, spiking, serving and defense. After drills, games and scrimmages are played to reinforce the skills learned.

Grades Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
3-5 Tu  Sep 7-Oct 19 6-6:50 pm $40/$50
6-8 Tu Sep 7-Oct 19 7-7:50 pm $40/$50

Location: Community Center 

Kids Karate Club

AGE: 4-14 Years

The Kid’s Karate Club is a high energy, progressive, motivational martial arts program developed specifically for kids to have fun while learning. Students will learn stances, strikes, blocks, kicks and sparring techniques while building confidence. They will learn about strangers and how to combine the techniques they learn to protect themselves. 

In Person Kids Karate Club

This program comes with the “Never Miss a Class Guarantee.” If a student misses a class (i.e. schedule conflict, sick, etc.) or the center closes for any reason, the missed classes will be replaced with virtual online instructor led classes.

Virtual Learning Kids Karate Club

This 12 video series program includes games, drills and actual classes that mirror in person instruction. Students can participate on their own, or the whole family can participate together. Students will have access to the videos for one year. At the end of the course, students will be eligible for to test for their next color. 

Kids Karate Safety Guidelines can be read here


Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
M Oct 18-Nov 29* 6-6:45 pm $45/$60

Advanced: Yellow Belts & Above

Day Date Time Fee (R/NR)
M Oct 18-Nov 29* 6:45-7:30 pm $45/$60

*Double class on Nov 15

Location: Community Center

Fencing ~ Olympic Swordplay

AGES: 8-65 Years

Enjoy competitive fun safely without “fighting”. This beginning class will provide you the basics for advancement. Fencing is one of the few sports that practices social distancing. However, due COVID-19, fencers must choose to rent personal equipment for the session or to purchase their own basic set (est. $140). 

To rent a personal set of equipment, contact Fencing Sports Club on voice only number 630-678-0035 to share size. When you rent a set, No one is guaranteed perfect fitting club equipment. 

If you prefer to purchase a personal beginner set, the club recommends ordering from Blue Gauntlet. Participants must attend first class with their new set in-hand. At the end of the session, you may have the club buy your equipment at 50% of purchase price. 

Day Date Time Fee
M Sep 13-Oct 18 7:30-8:15 pm $50/$60
M Oct 25-Dec 6* 7:30-8:15 pm $50/$60

*No Class Nov 22

Additional family members receive half-off registration fee

Location: Community Center 

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