Lightning Detection Systems

For your safety, North Park, Birch Park, the Pool on Pacific and Community Center have Lightning Detection Systems. Please review the following information.

If a siren sounds (solid tone) and the strobe light is on, take shelter. Strobe lights remain on during lightning.

When the siren sounds three five-second intermittent blasts and the strobe light is off, it is safe to return from shelter.

This system is not absolute protection, please use common sense. Seek shelter immediately if:

  • You hear one long siren
  • You hear thunder (regardless of siren)
  • You see the strobe light on when arriving to the park or facility.

The safety of our residents and participants is one of our top priorities. Please be alert and safe with the possibility of inclement weather. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact the Park District of Franklin Park at (847) 455-2852.

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