Child-Led Play

The Park District of Franklin Park is a strong supporter of Child-Led Play and we encourage it in our Early Childhood and Youth Programs. We believe sharing resources on this philosophy is valuable for parents and families to learn about their children’s development.

What is Child-Led Play?

Child-Led Play is allowing children to make the decisions when engaging in play. This allows children to have some control over their environment and gives them a sense of purpose.

By participating in Child-Led Play, you are helping children build fundamental life skills. They will develop creativity, motor skills and independent thinking. Child-Led Play does not involve electronics, but rather toys and equipment where children can use their imagination.

Child-Led Play Resources

Time for Play, Every Day: It’s Fun – and Fundamental by: Alliance for Childhood

Follow the leader: Child-led play by: Kevin Zoromski

Six Benefits of Using Child-Led Learning by: Amanda Stockdale

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