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The part-time and seasonal positions of the Parks Department are to work in a supportive capacity to the full-time staff positions within the department. Directly responsible to the Supervisor of Parks and Facilities, these positions will execute all work directives necessary to provide quality and safe recreation facilities to the residents of Franklin Park. Fully engaged during the high demand times for service by the department, seasonal and part time positions shall be responsible for routine tasks such as ball field maintenance, grass cutting, trash control, painting and other similar assignments as outlined in this job description. This position will require time commitment beyond 40 hours per week on a consistent basis to meet service schedules and during special events.


High School Graduate or enrolled in High School. This staff positions requires possession of a valid Illinois Class D Divers License for the lawful operation of Park District vehicles. Training in First Aid and CPR are required immediately after hiring. This position requires the individual have the ability follow written and verbal instructions. A criminal background check is required.

Essential Functions

Perform all duties and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing quality Parks and Recreation to the Park District patrons and the Community of Franklin Park

Shall establish and maintain open and positive lines of communication with all staff, Park District patrons and residents.

Employee is expected to be punctual and to meet all scheduled hours.

Employee is required to regularly work beyond the 40-hour workweek during the times of high service demand

Execute all assign tasks and to operate all equipment in a proper and safe manner.

Adhere to all policies and practices of the Park District 

Participate and comply with all directives of the Safety Committee.

Support, all safety, health and loss control policies adopted by the Park District. Work to ensure the safety of every employee and customer and the protection of equipment and facilities.

Specific Functions

Work duties, assignments and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Meet weekend, holidays and after hour demand schedules of the department 
  2. Trash control 
  3. Painting
  4. Grass cutting
  5. Custodial duties
  6. Routine park and facility cleaning
  7. Ball field maintenance

8.   Landscape trimming, tree and shrub planting

  • Set up, take downs and staffing of all special events
  • Assist full time maintenance staff on special projects and construction details    
  • Other duties as assigned.


Physical and Environmental Considerations

Seasonal and Part-time Maintenance Staff are exposed to outside weather conditions a majority of the time and will be exposed to extremes in hot and cold temperatures, including precipitation in the form of rain, snow and ice. Work environments will include interior shop operations and exterior construction sites. These sites may expose this employee to dust, dirt, mud, and high-level noise commonly encountered in shops, constructions sites and during the operation of power equipment. Exposure to a variety of chemicals includes, but is not limited to chlorine, herbicides/pesticides, fuel, oil and numerous cleaning agents. The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory and shall include, but is not limited to safety shoes, eye and face protection, ear and hearing protections, hard hats, back support belts, work gloves and disposable chemical protection clothing. This employee may also need to endure prolonged standing, sitting and driving. Other physical abilities shall require this employee to safely use ladders, climb equipment and lift up to 75 pounds repeatedly.

Psychological Considerations

The Seasonal and Part-time Maintenance Staff Members may from time to time feel pressure from the responsibility to deliver effective and efficient services within the Park District and to the Community of Franklin Park. Elevated levels of stress may be experienced during high seasonal demands of spring and summer. This position may need to address minor conflicts with other staff members from time to time to insure a productive and effective work environment. 


Cognitive Considerations

All Seasonal and Part-time Maintenance Staff Members are required to exercise good judgment and problem solving skills. They must be proactive in all assigned responsibilities and execute tasks in the best interest of the Park District of Franklin Park and Community. These Staff Members must demonstrate a high level of safety awareness for themselves and those they are assigned to work with or around.

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