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Be Creative at Home!

There’s plenty of ways to be creative at home! Enjoy these activities with your children.

1. Make a Fort

Use couch cushions, blankets, bunk beds or whatever you can to make the perfect hideaway! Check out this castle preschoolers made out of building blocks!

Preschoolers defending the castle they built.

2. Write Letters to Relatives

Help your children write letters to a grandparent or relative. This is a nice surprise and also helps with their penmanship.

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids entertained with a scavenger hunt around the house! Give them some clues to find hidden gems.

4. Put on a Play

Let your children use their creativity and ask them to perform for you! Use a Halloween costume to help them get into character!

5. Have an Indoor Picnic

Pack up a picnic basket and enjoy a family lunch in the living room! Make your kids’ favorite school lunch and share stories while you eat.

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