Boys Skating Club

Wednesday 7:00-7:30 a.m.

The Franklin Park Ice Arena is now offering a Boys Skating Club. We are proud this new program started to help promote skating for boys. We have a group of boys who actively skate at the Ice Arena and enjoy their time on the ice. 

When boys come to the Ice Arena, most of them want to play hockey. The purpose of this club is to introduce them to skating of all sorts. We want to show them there are more activities to be done on the ice. 

The Boys Club’s coach is Nico Osseland, a former Olympic pair skater from France. The boys at the Ice Arena look up to Coach Nico and having a positive role model on the ice strengthens the program’s curriculum.

Coach Nico is not only teaching them about skating, but also about respect and other values. The club helps boys become better skaters and even better young gentlemen.

This program is open to boys of all skating levels to come together and skate. The Boys Club currently competes together and skates in the Ice Shows. For more information on the club, contact the Ice Arena at 847-671-4268.

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