Get to Know Chimney Swifts

When Timber Park’s renovation is complete, you may notice a tall standing structure. One of the features of the project is a chimney swift habitat. Chimney swifts are birds that arrive in Franklin Park in late April and then migrate back to South America for the winter.

Chimney swifts get their name because of their preferred nesting location – chimneys. You can identify them by their dark gray appearance and short, slender bodies. These birds cannot perch, but their front claws allow them to cling to vertical walls.

The chimney swift population has decreased by about 80% in Illinois due to habitat loss. They rely on chimneys for nesting and sleeping. Conservation groups have made an effort to help the population by installing habitats that look like chimneys. This is the reason for including a habitat at Timber Park.

We hope the inclusion of this habitat helps these birds populate in a safe environment. Watch for chimney swifts this spring!

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