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Congratulations to Joe Modrich on his Retirement!

After 22 years as the Park District of Franklin Park’s Director of Parks & Recreation and 48 years in the field, Joseph D. Modrich is retiring. Born and raised in Franklin Park, Joe started his career in Parks & Recreation conducting field work with the Park District of Franklin Park in 1974.

In his 38-year career with the Park District of Franklin Park, Joe distinguished himself with his deep knowledge and abilities related to Parks & Recreation, and the expertise and leadership developed during that career has been invaluable to the District during his tenure as Intern, Ice Arena Maintenance, Ice Arena Supervisor, Ice Arena Manager, Commissioner and Director of Parks & Recreation.

During his tenure at the Park District of Franklin Park, he lead construction and renovations to advance and meet the recreational needs of residents including: 

  • Investing over $23 million for park district renovations/acquisitions and facility upgrades.
  • Securing $12 million in grants for Park District Capital projects.
  • Reimagining, redesigning and Renovation park space at North Park.
  • Renovating of 16 other neighborhood parks.
  • Installation of Girl’s/Women’s Locker Rooms, upgrading and replacing original refrigeration system, HVAC, Arena dashers and lobby of the Ice Arena.
  • Renovation of the Community Center, including an outdoor inspired terrazzo lobby floor, offices, bathrooms, meeting rooms, Early Childhood classes and Gymnasium.
  • Renovation of the Pool on Pacific.

The Board of Commissioners expresses its gratitude to Joseph D. Modrich for his service as Director of Parks & Recreation, for his sound business advice & valued counsel and for all that he has contributed to the Board of Commissioners & to the Park District of Franklin Park. The Board wishes Joe continued success in all his endeavors and expresses our hope for his continued health, happiness & prosperity. 

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