Maple Park Renovations Coming this Fall!

In 2014, the Park District of Franklin Park applied for and was awarded the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development, OSLAD, grant for the redevelopment of Maple Park. During that time, we held a grant planning meeting at Maple Park to discuss the future of the park. Staff, camps, residents, and children were all invited to attend the planning meeting to provide the Park District with their input.

Not long after, the State of Illinois froze all grants, including the OSLAD grant. At that time, the Park District held off on the renovations to the park. In continuing our park improvements, the Board has agreed to move forward with the renovation of Maple Park to enhance the neighborhood.

With input from the 2014 Grant Planning meeting, we decided the focus of the new design is “Throwback Parks.” This retro theme will include older styles of equipment with outer space details. Some of the new equipment ideas are a rocket ship, dome climber, merry-go-round, and a gazebo.

A key feature for Maple Park will be glow stone accents in the concrete for the pathway. When exposed to sunlight, the stones react and will give off a glow throughout the night giving the residents a glowing path to stroll on. The path will also feature the nine planets with the sun featured at the end.

Construction for Maple Park is set to begin in September.

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