Playground Adaptations

Dear Residents, Families & Patrons,

For your maximum safety, please do not use Playground Equipment at any park. Notices have been posted at each park stating the Playgrounds are CLOSED. This includes basketball courts, tennis courts, skateboarding areas and outdoor fitness equipment.

Parents, we need your help to communicate this information to your children! We can appreciate how hard it is to tell children not to play on a playground.

It is not possible to keep every playground and structure 100% clean. The Parks are open for walking and running, but please maintain the CDC recommendation of six feet distance from another person.

We need your help to keep your parks and community safe. We ask you to take social distancing to the fullest extent. If you or anyone in your family is sick, please stay home.

If you see something that needs attention, please contact us at 847-455-2852 or Visit the Park District’s website for regular updates.

Thank you for your support!

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Park District of Franklin Park Staff

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