Preventing Pollinator Extinction

The Park District of Franklin Park is participating in an exciting project! We were asked to join a community effort to prevent pollinator extinction. The goal of Prevent Pollinator Extinction People is to get the community involved in creating milkweed gardens, which is the main food source for the Monarch butterfly.

By having the community contribute to creating a habitat for the Monarchs, it will help prevent them from going extinct and also help our food sources. Kits are being created for families, students and scout groups to participate. These kits provide supplies and step-by-step instructions to growing milkweed plants.

The Park District of Franklin Park’s Playschool and Preschool students will participate in class. We will be documenting the process to show how helpful the Monarch kits are. To receive a kit, please contact the Community Center at (847) 455-2852.

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