Recycle Your Candy Wrappers

Don’t forget to bring in your Halloween candy wrappers and deposit them in the Trash or Treasure recycling box. You can find this box at any of our facilities. 

You don’t have to trash those wrappers and doom them to an eternity in a landfill – or event worse, our oceans. By putting your wrappers in the custom candy wrapper recycling box, you can keep our planet clean and contribute to the circular economy. 

So how does it work? We encourage students, staff, patrons, and community members to collect and bring in their wrappers. Once Halloween is over, we will ship the box back to Rubicon. The wrappers are sorted by material, cleaned, and ground into small pieces. The plastic pieces then go down a long conveyor belt and into a machine that heats the shredded material, turning it into very small balls called plastic pellets. These pellets are used to make new plastic items! 

Thank you for helping keep Halloween sweet and sustainable!

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