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Coronavirus Adaptations: FAQ’s

Due to the recent developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Park District is closing facilities and suspending programs for precautionary measures until Monday, April 6. Below are frequently asked questions we anticipate. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 847-455-2852. 

Q: Has anyone contracted coronavirus at the Park District? 

A: There are no known cases at the Park District or in our community. 

Q: Are any Park District facilities open? 

A: No, all Park District facilities are closed during this period. Our estimated reopening date is Monday, April 6. While we are closed, staff will be answering calls at 847-455-2852.

Q: Is the Fitness Center open during this period? 

A: The Fitness Center is closed until the Park District reopens. 

Q: Will Fitness Center Memberships be extended? 

A: Fitness Center Members will have their memberships extended for the length of the closure. For example, if we are closed for three weeks your membership will be extended three weeks. 

Q: Are the parks open?

A: The parks are open for walking/running, but please keep the CDC recommended distance of 6 feet from another person. The playground equipment is CLOSED for your maximum safety. This included basketball courts, tennis courts, skate parks and outdoor fitness equipment.

Q: Will programs and rentals be refunded/credited due to cancellations? 

A: You will be notified via email about your refund. You can contact staff at 847-455-2852 with any questions about refunds or credits.

Q: Can credits be applied elsewhere? 

A: Credits in your account can be applied to other Park District programs. 

Q: Will programs be rescheduled once the Park District reopens? 

A: Program Managers are looking into rescheduling programs based on facility availability.

Q: Will we be notified of any updates in programming and facilities? 

A: Yes, the Park District will provide updates via email and Facebook. Subscribe to our email news here

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